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Pregnant Woman in Nature

Juanita Ahuehuetzin Montoya

Welcome to

The Rhythm Within

Traditional Birth 

Bienvenidos, Welcome. The Rhythm Within offers a holistic approach to birthwork that uses time-proven birthing practices that center birth as a profound rite of passage.  As a rite of passage labor and birth can become an embodied experience of self-discovery and a renewal of self-love.  A shedding of old roles for a better-fitting one.  In this way, pregnancy is also the time when new parents, new lovers, new selves, new hopes and curiosities are being gestated.  This rite of passage leaves no one unchanged. This is one of birth's greatest gifts, one which we can use for healing and personal growth. 

The Rhythm Within offers a caring and non-judgmental space where you can let go of what no longer serves you, while holding onto what does as you embrace the vulnerabilities and joys of your birth journey.   

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