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About Juanita

As an experienced birthworker working in the Chicagoland/Evanston areas, I offer personalized birthing support. My goal is to give you and your family the education and time proven practices that will help you

Celebrate Pregnancy, Honor your Body and Empower your Birth! 


Hola y Bienvenidos!

Hello and Welcome! My name is Juanita Ahuehuetzin.  

My work in the birth world began during my high school years as I translated for my non English speaking family members and their friends as they gave birth within a medical system completely new to them.  The birth of my first born son in 2008 and my graduation as a Cultural Anthropologist, in 2009 from NEIU, confirm my passion for birthwork.  As a birthworker I provide the education and time proven practices that people need to embody their own unique birthing journeys. From pregnancy and labor to your 4th trimester-Cuarentena, I offer warming and non judgmental care.  My work in birthwork is also guided by my passion and commitment to equity and reproductive justice, aimed at closing the gap of birthing disparities for marginalized communities.  

I'm certified with Matrona as an Advanced Doula in Holistic Childbirth, and trained with Birthing From Within as a Birth Mentor/Doula.  I'm also a Certified Parent Educator for Spinning Babies and a Licensed Massage Therapist.  These trainings along with traditional medicine form part of my basket of tools to help me met the individual needs of families desiring more from their birthing journeys. I fully support all labors, in all settings, from hospital, to birth center and homebirths.

 When I'm not attending births or teaching childbearing classes, you can find me hiking with my 4 children, or tending to my many house plants as I dance. I also enjoy DIY projects and creating art.

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