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La Cuarentena, Traditional Postpartum Care


La Cuarentena, or "Forty day of quarantine," refers to the Mexican/Indigenous traditional practices in the postpartum period aimed at supporting the recovery of the mother.  There's a time-proven belief in Mexican culture that says that the way a mother is cared for in her first 40 days after birth will have long-term health implications as she ages.  In order to restore her vitality, which was compromised during her delivery, a new mother requires love, nourishment, rest and care.  When a new mother is given the space to recovery physically, emotionally and spiritually the entire family benefits.  

Cuarentena Care


Postpartum Care 

Cuarentena care continues to be practiced across Mexico today. Across the world many cultures also continue to practice their own variations of postpartum care.  While a full commitment of  40 days is not always possible in our current culture, The Rhythm Within offers support that can be booked individually or bundled up for a package.

Some of the traditional practices used in my services are, but not limited, to the following


  • -Yoni Steaming

  • -Herbal/Salt Bath

  • -Rebozo Bodywork

  • -Abdominal Care

  • -Belly Binding

  • -Nourishing Meal/Drink

  • -Emotional Support 

Cuarentena Care 

The following is a general description of what a Cuarentena visit would look like, on average I spend 4-5 hours caring, cooking and facilitating healing practices for the mother.   

Arrive at 9am

Prepare breakfast and nourishing drink for the mother. 

Prepare and facilitate a vaginal steam

Prepare and facilitate an herbal bath

Rebozo Bodywork/Massage 

Womb Massage/Care

Belly Binding

Make a pot of soup to leave behind

Light house work 

1-2pm Depart 

Please note that the above is a general list, that can be modified to meet specific needs of individuals and situations.  While at your home, I'm there to care and support mothers. I do not take the role of a baby doula, but will incorporate your baby into your care if needed.

One-day sessions $325 You can book one day or create a bundle (I supply all herbs, yoni stool; parents are responsible for supplying all food ingredients)

Only Interested in Belly Binding

Belly Binding Massage 

  • -1 1/2 hour visit

  • -Rebozo Bodywork/Massage

  • -Womb Massage

  • -Binding with an elastic band (provided by me) or a mobywrap (provided by the parents).

One-day visit $150.00

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