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Every pregnancy, labor, and birth is different. But one thing is constant: every birthing person 

deserves support 



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Bodywork and Massage for Pregnancy and Postpartum

As a sobadora/traditional bodyworker, a Licensed Massage Therapist and now a partera/midwife I incorporate relevant techniques from various approaches including, 

Spinning Babies Breech Balancing, Dynamic Body Balancing, womb massage,craniosacral therapy, pregnancy thai massage, and rebozo massage.

I offer competent and compassionate bodywork.  My approach as a bodyworker is holistic, integrative, body-centered, and trauma informed. My goal is to empower and educate you on the changes of your pregnant and postpartum body. The time I spend with you is your time to slow down, a time to feel connected to your body, your baby, a time for yourself.      

Benefits of a Body Balancing Massage

A pregnant ​body goes through many changes during gestation, some can be uncomfortable and stressful. While growing discomforts can be a normal part of pregnancy, pains is not. Pain, and long lasting discomforts can be the result of imbalance, pregnancy is not synonymous with pain.  Unlike general prenatal massage focus on only relaxing the client, the aim of a Body Balancing Massage is to restore balance and space, while resetting the nervous system.  Restoring balance and space will help ease pregnancy discomforts while preparing the body for a smoother labor.

  • Reduce stress and fatigue

  • Increase circulation and muscle flexibility

  • Provide relief from headaches, stiff neck, backaches, sciatica, and sore feet

  • Improve relaxation and better sleep

  • Decrease swelling and fluid retention

  • Create space for mom and baby

  • Includes stretches, womb massage

  • Releases and balancing for fetal position


Body Balancing Massage​​

  • 90 minute treatment $150​

  • Package of three for $400

Regular Prenatal Massage

  • 60 minute treatment $100

  • 90 minute treatment $130

  • Package of three 90 min $350

Postpartum Massage and Belly binding 

Full body and womb massage with belly binding 

  • Rebozo Bodywork/Massage

  • Womb Massage

  • Belly binding

  • 90 minute treatment  $200.00

  • 90 minute treatment (only full body massage) $150

Spinning Babies ® Aware Practitioner Breech Release,

ECV Consultation

Breech Release and ECV consultations are specifically tailored for individuals with a baby presenting breech. This part educational, part self-exploration, part body balancing massage consultation helps to bring balance to pregnant bodies, making space and encouraging babies to come head down. While bodywork and the Breech Protocol is enough to get most baby's head down, some baby's will not turn head down with only this approach. Nonetheless, body balancing and Spinning Babies Breech Release will go a long way in helping your body prepare for an ECV.  

What to expect during our time together

  • Intake and review of current baby position

  • Review of Breech protocol and exercises (ebook included)

  • 90 mins body balancing massage/releases 

  • Releases and balancing for fetal positioning

  • plan of care plan going forward


120 min Breech Release Consultation $200

All sessions take place in my office located

(additional charge for home visits $30.00)

Heartwood Center for Body and Spirit

1818 Dempster St

Evanston, IL 60202


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