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Your placenta is your baby's first home,

Your placenta is Sacred




As you plan your birth, you will be asked by your health provider to take all the necessary classes to prepare for labor and birth.  In these classes you will learn about breathing through contractions and what active labor looks like and when to go to the hospital.  What you will not hear in these classes or from your provider is any talk about the sacredness of your placenta and what becomes of it.  Currently in our mainstream culture the placenta, your baby's first home, is not held with any special regard.  Historically this has not been the case.  Across the world, many cultures continue to acknowledge the placenta as a sacred organ and honor its role in creating and sustaining life.  In these cases there are specific customs that guide the handling of the placenta. In most cases the placenta is honored with a ceremonial burial where it is returned to Mother Earth.     

These days it is becoming a common practice for women to eat their placentas as part of their postpartum recovery plan and there is historical proof that this was a common practice in some cultures.  Records of its consumption can be found in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Placenta encapsulation is the practice of ingesting the placenta after it has been steamed, dehydrated, ground into a powder and placed into capsules.  People who practice and support the consumption of the placenta say that it can raise energy and breast milk quantity.  It is also said that it helps to level out hormones and in this way helps to lower the chances of postpartum depression. 

The Rhythm Within respectfully invites you to explore the possibilities of what can become of your placenta.  Would you consider taking it home, consuming it, or burying it, not letting it become medical waste or doing nothing with it.  Your placenta is your baby's first home, it is created by you, you have every right to decide where it goes and what to do with it.  I'm committed to respecting your decision over the handling of your placenta, and do not hold any judgement over your decisions.  

Placenta Medicine Bundle

  • Pick up and delivery of your placenta within 48 hours

  • Placenta encapsulation following TCM protocols: placenta is steamed, dehydrated, and encapsulated

  • Color print of the placenta

  • Dehydrated umbilical cord keepsake (only if cord is of an appropriate size)​

Price for Placenta Medicine Bundle​ $350


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